Services for German Companies in the Polish Market
Services for German Companies in the Polish Market
Due to its strategic location at the intersection of major transport routes both north-south and east-west, Poland places great emphasis on maintaining a strong position on the logistics map of Europe.

Major projects such as the Solidarity Transport Hub, Poland’s involvement in the Belt and Road initiative or the north-south route „via Carpatia” attest to Poland’s position as a regional leader.

Poland offers a diverse range of businesses in the manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors. Finding a partner in sectors such as automotive, aviation, IT, food processing, electronics or finance, for example, is no challenge. In addition, the flexibility of Polish entrepreneurs and their readiness to meet even the most stringent quality and industry standards proves to be another major advantage.

German companies investing in Poland in 2022 have significantly increased their interest compared to the previous year. International investments are focused on the business services, automotive and energy/air-conditioning technology sectors.  In recent months, German companies have announced or launched high-tech investments.

The current geopolitical situation has led to increased potential for optimising production costs through stable investments by German companies in Poland. 

Imports to Germany grew more strongly than exports in 2022, primarily due to high energy prices. The value of imports amounted to EUR 1,488.1 billion, 24.3% higher than in the previous year. The result is a declining German export surplus for the fifth year in a row. This time it amounted to EUR 76 billion. A year earlier, it was still some €100 billion higher.


1. Market analyses, creation of business cases and business plans

2. Support of export sales from Poland to Germany:
– sales training and development of export strategy
– support of German call-centre in customer acquisition
– development of e-commerce sales systems in the B2B and B2C sectors

3. Opening of business in Poland to optimise production costs and taxes

4. Professional investment advice

5. Networking – searching for potential customers and support in establishing business partnerships

6. Full legal support in doing business in Poland

7. Cooperation with different institutions

8. Sourcing in Poland: Market Research, Supplier Identification, Supplier Management, Logistics Support/Management, Quality Management

–The German Federal Statistical Office – Statistisches Bundesamt (Destatis) reports that the value of German sales in Poland has been on an upward trend for several years, and although there was a slight slowdown last year, when comparing 2023 with 2019, we see an increase of up to 35%

–Poland still remains one of Germany’s top 5 trading partners

–In all likelihood, 2024 will be the first year ever when the value of goods and services that Germany will sell to Poland will exceed the psychological barrier of EUR 100 billion

–Trend towards relocation of German factories to Poland in sectors such as: automotive, white goods, FMCG, among others

–In the following years, new investments in Poland are planned by such brands as Bosch, Miele, Valeo, Mercedes, VW


It allows for the diversification of business risks, streamlining the supply chain and enables the strengthening of business relationships, which should be based on solid values.

Nearshoring also makes it possible to streamline paperwork issues in cooperation. We can count on the fact that the legal systems of the European Union countries are similar, and it is easier to find an accountancy office specialising in the tax regulations of neighbouring countries.

The question of holidays and days off is also similar, which is of considerable importance when it comes to the pragmatic organisation of work. Finally, we are left with the important added value of the aforementioned accelerated delivery times and the key issue of communication, with the possibility of meeting more often face to face to form meaningful H2H relationships.


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