Track Record

1. Establishment of a glassworks, consulting during the search of the location, preparation of the purchase contracts, conducting the purchase negotiations, consulting during the negotiations concerning the tax reductions for the investments in Poland (for one of the largest German-French construction groups)

2. Establishment of a German bank in Poland – advising on obtaining a banking license, advising on banking law, advising on labor law (for one of the largest German automotive groups)

3. Establishment of trade centers in Krakow, Lodz, Warsaw- consulting during location search, preparation of purchase contracts, conducting purchase negotiations, (for one of the largest German trade groups)

4. Acquisition of various companies (construction companies, cement plants, for German investors – conducting due diligence, purchase negotiations, preparation of purchase contracts, negotiations with employees. (for large and medium-sized construction companies).

5. Sale of a large wind power plant in the western Poland-insolvency law, energy law, real estate law consulting (for one of the German banks).

6. Financing of hotel investments, office buildings – advisory services to the financing bank (for German and Austrian banks)

7. Acquisition of the commercial centers- purchase negotiations, preparation of the lease contracts, negotiations regarding the lease contracts. ( for Austrian private investors).

8. Acquisition of a power plant in Poland – corporate law, real estate law, energy law, labor law consulting (for one of the largest energy groups).

9. Acquisition of real estate- conducting due diligence, preparation of purchase contracts, purchase negotiations

10. Establishment of a branch in the automotive sector in the south of Poland- consulting during negotiations concerning state subsidies, tax law consulting

11. Performance improvement of a leading german convenience group (leading in petrol stations, , kiosk business), annual improvement about >> 1 Mio. Euro

12. Improvement of operations processes of a worldwide-leading airfreight company; annual improvement >> 100 Mio. Euro

13. Restructuring internatonal sales organization of a leading german power plant builder; invest > 50 Mio. Euro

14. Internatiolization of a medium-sized producer of plastic products, aluminum products, stainless steel products, 700 employees; development of new international brand

15. Restrucuring of a leading German beverage company; Debt-reduction > 40 Mio. Euro; development of a leading internet platform with 20.000 customers

16. Prepration and coordination of sales of a German familiy company with more than 100 employees KBN Group

17. Building up an european franchise-system in the heating-service industry; more than 50 franchisees


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